Running Inspired

Living in Manhattan means needing to find outlets for the sake of a balance between mind and soul.

One of my favorite jogging routes takes me to the 79th Street Boat Basin on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. As I walk onto the short pier, I’m stunned by the expansive view. The contrast of south to north overwhelms me: To the south, I see the Financial Center, busy Midtown, tall skyscrapers in competition with one another; to the north, I see the green that allows me to breathe, an ambiguity of all the “what if,” and the indistinguishable blur between river and sky.

While living in the middle of this busy town, do we choose to build within all the high-rise? Or take courage to carve something out of the unknown territory?

Could the same mindset perhaps be applied to phrasing, fingering, and everything in between? Be an explorer, be adventurous, be courageous and be yourself.

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